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The following resources may be downloaded and adapted by other churches. Most of the main links lead to .PDF files for which you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge. click to get a free version of the Acrobat ReaderClick on the Adobe button to get the reader on your computer. Once the .PDF file is download, you will need to print the odd numbered pages on the back of the even numbered pages to create a booklet using the files. Some of these resources are also available in Rich Text Format, which can be opened by most word processing programs. If asked for a login or password, select "cancel."

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Annotated Eucharist
This booklet gives the pages from the Book of Common Prayer for a Rite II Eucharist using Eucharistic Prayer A. Annotations in the side column give visitors additional information on the service. A brief glossary is in the back. This booklet may also be reproduced as long as the copyright notice remains on the booklet. The Annotated Eucharist is an Instructed Eucharist presented in a format that makes it possible to share with newcomers when an Instructed Eucharist is not planned. The annotations are available in Rich Text Format: annotatedeucharist.rtf as well as the Instructed Eucharist which does not include additional glossary and other information: instructedeucharist.rtf

Making Room for Children
This brochure gives parents ideas for integrating their children into the worship of the church. The brochure is not original to King of Peace, but exists in many churches throughout the Episcopal Church. No copyright notice is needed and the booklet may be adapted as needed. To make editing easier, you can also download our version in Rich Text format: children.rtf

Infant Baptism
This booklet, Marked as Christ's Own Forever, is taken from a sermon that delves into infant baptism through scripture, tradition and reason. We use it as a hand out for those of other denominational backgrounds who have questions about why we carry out the practice. The same information is also available in html format at

Sample Bulletin and another from Christmas Eve
This is a typical Sunday bulletin for King of Peace, which has all texts and hymns in place within the bulletin itself. We've also included a Christmas Eve bulletin from a Service of Light.

Pet Funeral Liturgy
This service is appropriate to use for the burial of a beloved pet. Feel free to adapt and use as needed.

1789 Communion Service
A rich text format version of the full text of the service of Holy Communion from the 1789 Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church.

Communion Bread Recipe
This Trappist recipe used at Virginia Theological Seminary (and King of Peace) makes very tasty communion bread scored to break into easy to distribute pieces. The link above is to the recipe in RTF format.

Church Year - Seasonal


Celebrating Advent in the Home
This 8-page brochure is designed for families to use in celebrating the season of Advent. It may be reproduced free of charge as long as the copyright notice is included. The .PDF file contains four pages 8.5 x 11 pages to create the 8-page booklet. Pages one and two create a service booklet for use with the Advent wreath. Pages three and four create a booklet with additional Advent information and suggestions. This information is also available in web page form.

Jesse Tree Ornaments
The Celebrating Advent in the Home booklet above includes information on creating a Jesse tree, including suggestions for Jesse Tree ornaments. We have six pages of Jesse Tree ornaments for your use. Each page contains four designs for kids to color and decorate with glitter or cotton balls glued to the ornament. Copy the designs to your computer. Print the designs on card stock. Cut each page into four ornaments and you'll have patterns for two-dozen Jesse Tree ornaments. We give permission for any non-commercial use of the designs.The files are 300dpi Bitmap (.BMP) files. You will have to be patient to download them all. I have included 75 dpi versions as .GIF files if you want to take a quick look, but they are not suitable for printing and decorating.

Page 1 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse1.bmp) (jesse1.gif)
Page 2 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse2.bmp) (jesse2.gif)
Page 3 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse3.bmp)  (jesse3.gif)
Page 4 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse4.bmp)  (jesse4.gif)
Page 5 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse5.bmp)  (jesse5.gif)
Page 6 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse6.bmp)  (jesse6.gif)


Keeping a Holy Lent
This 4-page booklet gives an overview of Lent and some special Lenten services for newcomers to liturgical worship. It is also available in html format: lent.htm

—Holy Week

How to Make Palm Crosses
King of Peace offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, together with photographs to ease the frustration of making your own palm crosses. There is also a .ZIP ( file to download that includes directions and black and white photos to use  in reproducing the directions for congregational use.

Stations of the Cross
A Stations of the Cross service created at King of Peace. The meditations and both those and the prayers use many biblical allusions.

Palm Sunday Gospel in parts
This is the reading of the Passion divided into parts for readers. The pages are intended for the readers and not the congregation. Though it is in rich text format and could be pasted into a bulletin if you wish.
Year A - the Gospel of Matthew
Year C - the Gospel of Luke


Pesach Primer
This is a 4-page booklet giving a word book for people new to celebrating a Passover Seder. It is not a Passover service, but an additional handout which participants can use and then take home from a Seder.



Welcoming the Stranger
This 6-page booklet gives the scriptural and theological rationale for why welcoming newcomers to church is so vital, along with a step-by-step plan of action. This information is also available in Rich Text Format: newcomer.rtf

Reaching Gen-X and Millennials
This page has notes from a presentation I gave to a group of laity and clergy in the Diocese of Georgia together with some helpful web links to more information on both our changing cultural context for ministry and how the church is responding.


Bible Studies

The following booklets were created to introduce Bible studies on the given book of the Bible They have introductory material on the book and break the class up into weekly sections:

Sing to the Lord
A 5-week study of selections from the Psalms by looking at Wisdom/Torah Psalms, Royal Psalms, Lament Psalms, Trust & Thanksgiving, and Psalms of Praise.

Shall Not the Land Tremble
An 8-week study of the book of the prophets Hosea and Amos.

To Fulfill What Had Been Spoken
A 13-week study of Matthew's Gospel.

On The Way
A 13-week study of Mark's Gospel.

Do Everything in Love
An 8-week study of the First Letter to the Corinthians.

Set Your Heart on Things Above
A 4-week study of the Letter to the Colossians.

Be Doers of the Word
A 4-week study of the Book of James.

To God's Elect, Strangers in the World
A 5-week study of First and Second Peter.

An 8-week study of the Book of Revelation including seven handouts and links to more helpful information.

Other Study Guides

How We Got the Bible
A 6-week study of the creation of the Canon. There is a second version of the handout that deals with the issues and terms about the canon for use outside the structured six week course outline in the booklet above: Alternative booklet on How We Got the Bible

An 8-week study of classical heresies.


Anglican Prayer Beads
This web page explains some background on the use of prayer beads, gives details on how to pray using Anglican Prayer Beads and offers seven sample prayers.

Centering Prayer
This is a contemplative form of prayer which is sometimes confused with meditation in other religious traditions, but the desire which animates the prayer�time spent with our creator�is very different and so are its techniques. A brochure in Adobe .PDF format is online here: Centering Prayer brochure.

Rule of Life
This brochure walks one through the steps of creating a personal rule of life.

Saying Grace
Suggested prayers for mealtime including suggestions for children and a sung grace in a tri-fold brochure with room for you to add your church's name. This information is also available in Rich Text Format as sayinggrace.rtf

Daily Devotions
This tri-fold brochure has the daily devotions from pages 136-140 of the Book of Common Prayer in an easy to carry format.

Walking the Labyrinth
A brochure on walking the labyrinth. This one was created for particular use with the labyrinth at King of Peace, but the information may be useful in other contexts.


Any church needs a variety of forms and documents covering the administration of the parish. Here are some developed at or adapted by King of Peace offered here to assist others in finding a starting place in creating their own documents.

Rector Job Description and Evaluation
The following Job Description (in RTF format) was adapted from one suggested by the Diocese of Rochester (NY) and then that description was used to create the Rector's Self Evaluation as well as the Evaluation forms are
RTF documents to be completed by the Vestry and turned in to the Wardens for their use in conducting the annual job performance evaluation:

Rector's Job Description
Rector's Self Evaluation
Rector's Evaluation (by Vestry)

Endowment Fund Documents
The following forms are RTF documents to assist the work of an Endowment Fund Committee:

Designated Funds Policy
Disposition of Bequests Policy
Investment Fund Guidelines
Spending Rules

Memorial Garden Documents
The following RTF documents relate to King of Peace's Memorial Garden and may assist others in creating their own rules for a columbarium and other forms of interment of ashes:

Interment Information Form
Interment Agreement
Memorial Garden Policy

Facility Use Guidelines
Like all churches, King of Peace permits the use of its building by groups both within and without our congregation. We used the guidelines from Trinity Episcopal Church in Statesboro as a guide and created our own policies for a one-time use of our building and/or grounds and another form for use by ongoing events (such as scout troops).


King of Peace Brochure
Here is a copy of the most recent brochure for King of Peace.
While the design and text may not be appropriate to other churches, it does show you how one church presents itself in a tri-fold brochure.

Low Country Boil Recipe
A low country boil is a perennial favorite here on the coast of Georgia. This mix of shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes is easy to make in large quantities and makes a great main dish for a party.

The Book of Jonah
Frank Logue's translation of the Book of Jonah with translation notes.

Creating a Church Website
We also have a page with info and links for church webmasters and others interested in church website design.


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