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King of Peace Online Scrapbook

This page provides links to photos of King of Peace events found here online. Each page linked below has quick-loading thumbnails linked to larger photos of the events. They are listed with the newest events at the top descending to older events below.

Ash Wednesday

Shrove Tuesday
The last party before Lent was celebrated with a traditional pancake supper and bingo for prizes.

February 14 Worship
20 couples renewed their marriage vows. There was a baptism and a covered dish luncheon to celebrate becoming a parish.

Burning of the Greens
See all the fun from our biggest party of the year, as we close out the Christmas season burning Christmas trees and eating low country boil and steamed oysters.

Christmas 2009

Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Bazaar
On November 14, 2009 King of Peace held its annual bazaar and raised more than $5,000 for outreach in our community.

All Saints Day
The Bishop's visitation, baptisms and a blessing for the Memorial Garden. November 1, 2009.

Trunk or Treat Video
A video of the October 30 event on YouTube.

Trunk or Treat
Our Halloween event was bigger than ever with more folks giving out candy and lots more showing up for the fun. October 30, 2009

Blessing of the Animals
This ecumenical event in downtown St. Marys has become a fixture in the community.

Kids in the Kingdom Week 2009
We experienced St. Paul and the Underground Church in Rome in the first century.

May 3 Baptisms and DoK
Twin baptisms and new members accepted into our chapter of the Daughters of the King.

April Kids in the Kingdom
The kids learned about being co-creators with Christ.

A Celebration for The Preschool
King of Peace Episcopal Day School was named a Center of Distinction by the State of Georgia, acknowledging our school as one of the top preschools in the state.

Easter Photos
Easter 2009 with Bishop Louttit at King of Peace for his final visit as diocesan bishop.

Palm Sunday Photos

Stations of the Cross for Children

Fish 'n Chips Friday

Worship on Sunday, March 8

Mardi Gras
Our 2009 Shrove Tuesday pancake Supper and Mardi Gras bingo party (all one event) were a rousing end to the Sundays after Epiphany as we prepared for the Season of Lent.

February 15 - baptisms and more
On February 15, 2009, Mike Helton and Avery Mooney were received into Christ's Body, the Church through the sacrament of baptism. That evening the King of Peace Ensemble sang for the congregation of Friendship Baptist Church.

Jay's Ordination to the Priesthood

Burning of the Greens
See all the fun from our biggest party of the year, as we close out the Christmas season burning Christmas trees and eating low country boil and steamed oysters. There is also a Burning of the Greens Video

Nativity Pageant

Parish Status Vote

Thanksgiving Community Meal

Trunk or Treat photos

Blessing of the Animals 2008

September Kids in the Kingdom

Ministries Fair

Babb Family baptized

God's Power
Our Kids in the Kingdom Week for 2008 was a huge success with lots of fun experiences for the kids.

Jay Weldon's Ordination
On July 2, 2008, Jay was ordained as a transitional deacon at King of Peace by our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Henry Louttit, Jr.

Youth Group Pool Party

Sunday, June 29
Amie and Evan were baptized and the Filipino Harmonic Choir sang during teh 10 a.m. worship service. Then the day continued with acolyte training, the pool party (photos above) and a worship service at Magnolia Manor.

High School Summer Camp
Victoria and Frank Logue helped lead the Diocese of Georgia's High School session of summer camp and four from King of Peace were campers.



Easter 2008

Bishop Michel's Visit
The Diocese of Georgia's assisting bishop, the Rt. Rev. Rodney Michel, visited King of Peace on January 20, 2008.

Burning of the Greens 2008

Christmas Services

Christmas Party

Preschool Nativity Play
This December 14, 2007 production was a big success played to a standing room only crowd.

Christ the King Sunday
Our annual feast day including burning pledges for the coming year.

Thanksgiving Community Meal
We sent more than 500 meals out into the community as a part of the Meals on Wheels program.

Holiday Bazaar

Trunk or Treat
This combined King of Peace Church and Day School event included pony rides, a train, and LOTS of candy.

Reformation Sunday

E.C.W. Sharing Day

Blessing of the Animals 2007

Pool Party

Children's Festival

Kids in the Kingdom Week 2007
We went back to Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth for the Vacation Bible School.

Light in the Darkness Vigil

Graduation at The Preschool

Child's Safety Awareness Evening
The Preschool sponsored an evening of education and fun for the kids of Camden County.

Easter 2007

Palm Sunday

Habitat for Humanity Apostle's Build:
King of Peace's Day; First Saturday; Pastor's Build

Trunk or Treat 2006

Dress Up Day at The Preschool

Blessing of the Animals 2006

Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Sunday, March 12

Lent 2006

Mardi Gras 2006

Ice Skating Youth Trip

Memorial Garden Dedication

Burning of the Greens
Our annual twelfth day of Christmas celebration.

Breakfast with Santa
The Preschool's annual fund raiser.

Christmas Party

Youth Group Shopping Spree

Memorial Garden Gazebo

Christmas Bazaar
On December 3, 2005, King of Peace held it's Second Annual Christmas Bazaar from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with handmade Christmas gifts and a formal tea.

Blessing of the Animals
King of Peace and Our Lady Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church joined together for a Blessing of the Animals service at the Humane Society in Kingsland.

Youth Group Pool Party

Covered Dish Lunch—September 11, 2005

Pool Party
Our annual pool party went on the road, to our camp and conference center, Honey Creek

Boy Scout Troop 226 in Washington D.C.

Boy Scout Troop 226 Cumberland Island Backpacking Trip
In June 2005, our own trip hit the beach for its first backpacking trip.

Living Water: Kids in the Kingdom Week
June 6-10 was our Kids in the Kingdom Week for 2005. Each day children sang fun songs, created cool crafts, enjoyed some great snacks, and dove into a Bible story centered around water.

Recognizing our graduates

Pentecost 2005

Passover Seder
The central act of remembrance of the Jewish community was celebrated a a joint Jewish-Christian Passover at King of Peace.

Renewal of Wedding Vows
On April 3, 2005, Mike and Janice Morris reaffirmed their marriage vows as a part of our Sunday worship service.

Easter 2005

Easter at The Preschool
The kids learned about Jesus' death and resurrection and they made Easter hats to prepare to celebrate the resurrection.

Holy Week 2005
We held services every evening at 7 p.m. in Holy Week. Pictures from a few of the services are here in the scrapbook.

Palm Sunday
The Palm Procession and more are here in the online scrapbook.

Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday
February 8, 2005, we celebrated the last night before the season of Lent with a Pancake supper and Bingo for prizes. The next night, we gathered with folks from Christ Episcopal Church in Saint Marys to mark Ash Wednesday.

Scout Sunday
We honored the scouts and leaders of our own Troop 226 and all scouts as a part of our Sunday worship service on February 6, 2005.

Burning of the Greens 2005
There is no religious significance, but we sure had a good time burning our Christmas trees, eating Low Country Boil, having an oyster roast and enjoying one another's company on January 2, 2005.

Christmas 2004
Photos from our Christmas party and Christmas Eve candlelight communion service.

Christmas at the Preschool
Photos of a Christmas party and Breakfast with Santa.

Christmas Bazaar
On December 11, 2004, King of Peace held a fundraiser from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. that included a Christmas Bazaar with handmade Christmas gifts, a formal tea, and an indoor yard sale. Thanks to a lot of work in planning and work that day, the event was a big success.

Marc Dickman's Memorial Service
Retired military jets provided a flyover at the end of the memorial service, making for a memorable and appropriate way to celebrate the life of one of our members.

Thanksgiving at The Preschool
The kids at our preschool looked adorable in their thanksgiving costumes. We had pilgrims, lots of indians and a gaggle of turkeys.

Troop 226's October 2004 Campout
The scouts headed up to their scout camp in Glynn County for their second ever campout.

Blessing of the Animals 2004
We held the first of two blessing services this year at the gazebo on the waterfront in St. Marys as a part of the Rock Shrimp Festival. The second was held at the Humane Society in Kingsland.

Troop 226's First Campout
Our own Boy Scout Troop 226 took to the woods along Crooked River at Etowah Park on the grounds on Submarine Base Kings Bay on September 17-19, 2004. They began learning the basics of Scoutcraft with some training and first-hand experience.

Youth Pool Party
We went to the Williams home for a Camden County Episcopal Youth pool party to kick off the year of youth activities.

Pool Party 2004
We met back at the Maxwell Family pool (site of our first ever King of Peace event four years earlier) for a fun August afternoon.

Kids in the Kingdom Sunday for August 2004
In August we learned how even children can do big things with God.

ECVA article on King of Peace
The Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts website ran an article on King of Peace's labyrinth.

Kids in the Kingdom Week 2004
We had a blast the week following our building dedication as it was Kids in the Kingdom Week. The Director, Victoria Logue, helped us recreate the times in which Jesus grew up as we experienced life in first century Nazareth in Israel.

Building Dedication
Pentecost Sunday, May 30 2004, our Bishop, Henry Louttit, was on hand to dedicate our new building. He also preached and offered the sacrament of confirmation.

The Labyrinth
This article on King of Peace's labyrinth is reproduced from the front page of May/June 2004 issue of The Church in Georgia.

Easter 2004
It was an awesome morning with the worship service followed by Easter Egg hunts and a covered dish lunch.

Job Progress Photos of Our Building Project
You can see the progress here online. Photos of the early part of the building project are still online here.

House Moving
This is an article on God's economy and the story of moving the house, which was home to King of Peace for its first 3+ years.

Last worship service in the house
On Sunday, January 18, 2004, we celebrated our last worship service in the house, which has been home to King of Peace for three and a half years. At the conclusion of the communion service, we removed sacred objects from the sanctuary and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for the building as it is secularized.

First Mission Council Elected
On January 4, 2004 King of Peace held its first ever Annual Meeting and elected a Mission Council.

Burning of the Greens
There is no religious significance, but we sure had a good time burning our Christmas trees, eating Low Country Boil, having an oyster roast and enjoying one another's company on January 4, 2004.

Christ the King Sunday
On November 23, 2003, we celebrated the feast day for our church with a service that started in the current building and concluded with communion amidst the construction of our new building. We also recognized those who have become members in the past year and concluded the service by burning pledge cards.

All Souls Day 2003
Following a special communion service we had a cookout and gave everyone a chance to write their names, scripture verses and other appropriate graffiti inside the walls of the church.

Blessing of The Animals 2003
A combined service with Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Joy Lutheran and King of Peace at the gazebo in the waterfront park in Saint Marys.

Easter 2003

Palm Sunday 2003

Kids in the Kingdom—The Story of Esther
We followed the Jewish tradition of booing at Haman, the villain of the story, and cheering for the heroes Esther and Mordecai. Kids made noisemakers and then we put them to use while watching the Veggie Tales Esther movie booing and cheering as needed when the characters names were mentioned.

Mardi Gras 2003
We celebrated the last night before Lent with a Mardi Gras party including a pancake supper and Bingo for prizes.

On November 24, 2002, King of Peace broke ground on a new 7,650-sq. ft. building. The architect's rendering of the building is also online.

Youth Trip to Wild Adventures
On November 16, 2002 our two youth groups traveled together to Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia. We rode the rides and enjoyed the park and then heard The Elms and Jars of Clay in concert. It was a fun-filled, if soggy day.

Blessing of the Animals 2002
The people and pets of Christ Episcopal Church joined us at King of Peace for a blessing of the animals service on October 5, 2002.

2002 Pool Party
We held our Third Annual Pool Party on August 10 at the home of Priscilla and Mike Gross in Kingsland.

Big, Big God
Our Kids in the Kingdom Week 2002 was devoted primarily to stories of children in the Bible. We learned that it doesn't matter if you are little when you have our big, big God on your side.

Easter 2002
The Rt. Rev. Henry Louttit, Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia, celebrated Easter with us at King of Peace. After the service, we enjoyed a cookout, moon bounce, and Easter Egg hunts.

Palm Sunday 2002
King of Peace's Sunday service began outdoors on March 24, for a palm procession into the church.

Teddy Bear Picnic
See all the fun at the Teddy Bear picnic in the scrapbook page. There were games, crafts, a parade, Winnie the Pooh's 100-acre woods and more.

Kids in the Kingdom for March 2002
The March 17 Kids in the Kingdom Sunday was devoted to the story of Lazarus. The kids got to wrap each other up in bandages as they learned about being set free from death. They also made butterfly crafts to celebrate new life.

Stations of the Cross Trail
Jason White supervised construction of a Stations of the Cross Trail at King of Peace for his Eagle Scout Project. The work and the dedication service are here online. You can also see pictures of the bridge building project to lead to the stations.

Spaghetti Dinner
On February 15, we held our first fundraiser. The spaghetti dinner was a big success and a lot of fun.

Mardi Gras
On February 12, we celebrated Mardi Gras with a traditional pancake supper and bingo for prizes.

Barn Raising
On February 10, we held a work day following church to begin work on a storage barn for a lawn mower.

A "Burning of the Greens" bonfire and potluck marked the 12th day of Christmas. Oysters, a low country boil and story and singing by the campfire rounded out the evening of fun.

Christ the King Sunday
On November 25, 2001, we celebrated our first ever feast day for the church by recognizing members and burning pledge cards. That afternoon, the youth group played miniature golf and games to take it easy after putting on the fall festival.

River Baptism
On November 4, we held a baptism in Crooked River.

Fall Festival
The youth group held a fall festival for folks of all ages on November 3, with games, races, a hayride, biblical costume contest and food.

The Blessing of the Animals
Dogs and cats from our congregation joined our church cat, Melchizedek (Mel), on the lawn for a Blessing of the Animals service on October 6.

Pool Party
In August, we held our second annual pool party at Ruth Proctor's home in Woodbine.

Water of Life
These photos are of our Kids in the Kingdom week devoted to New Testament stories that take place in and around water. Take a look at how much fun our kids (and the adult and teen helpers) had during the week of learning.

The Changing Face of King of Peace
Photos from clearing the land and expanding our worship space in late April through June 2001. The earliest photos of this work remain online.

Photos from our Easter egg hunts, cookout and more.

Passover Seder
Pictures from King of Peace's Passover Seder on Palm Sunday evening.

Palm Sunday
Scenes from Palm Sunday at King of Peace on April 8, 2001.

Expanding Our Space
We enclosed the front porch and took out a wall to make room for more people in worship.

Kids in the Kingdom-The Creation
Our March Kids in the Kingdom Sunday was devloted to the creation. Kids heard the creation story, made Veggie Takes refrigerator magnets, ate lunch, and planted a garden in the church yard.

Assorted Photos
This page has links to photos around the church from various events, January through March of 2001.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 2001
King of Peace celebrated the last day before Lent with a Mardi Gras party. There were the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancakes along with a rousing game of bingo for prizes.

Work Day on February 25, 2001
An impromptu work day had more than 25 people stay after church to build a swingset for the kids, to work on shrines to hold our stations of the cross, to plan gardens and more.

Kids in the Kingdom on Baptism
Our January Kids in the Kingdom was devoted to baptism. Kids heard the story of Jesus' baptism, petted a dove, got to practice "baptizing" a baby doll, and made butterfly crafts to go with the theme of new birth.

Ice Skating Trip to Jacksonville
In January, our teens took a trip to Jacksonville for ice skating.

Our First Service
On November 1, 2000, King of Peace held its first worship service, a service of Holy Baptism. Weekly Sunday worship did not start until December 3 for "preview" services and December 24 for our first public worship service.

An Article on King of Peace
This is the the July 21, 2000 article on King of Peace from the Tribune & Georgian.


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