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Links to Web Resources
This page will introduce you to some basics of web page creation. Like any page of its kind, the information is subjective. This page was created by the Rev. Frank Logue, and you may not agree with my likes and dislikes. If you want to see the website for King of Peace itself, click on the logo at the top of this page, or the cross at the bottom of the page.

How to Create a Church Website
This tutorial is offered by the fine folks at Anglicans Online. They include a list of the things every church website should have.

Web Art for Episcopal Church Websites
I have placed some artwork on a page for anyone to grab and use on their own site. Some of the art I created, some I got from other sites. I believe that all of the material is copyright free and available for your use.

Links to Church Websites

Anglican Online's USA Links
This page at Anglicans Online has links to websites of Episcopal dioceses and churches throughout the U.S. It is a great way to find out what other churches are doing.

Good Sites

Church of the Beloved, Charlotte, North Carolina
This cutting edge church is also out on the cutting edge of web design with a very effective website.

St. Philip's in the Hills in Tuscon, Arizona
This site loads relatively quickly. It uses an attractive mix of colors and a consistent design style featuring the church's logo. Their guided tour is particularly well done.

St. Gregory of Nyssa in San Fransisco, California
This distinctive website sets the church apart from other churches. You can tell by visiting the site that they have a strong emphasis on the arts (including music) and liturgy.

Bad Church Site Ideas

Auto-loading sound files
Many parishes include sound files on their home page. Music will not jazz up a lackluster page. Most songs found on the web are not indicative of the quality of music found in the church and so they do not give a good indication of what worship is like, while serving as an annoyance. If you do want to have sound files, it is best to make them optional.

A site with no artwork
Websites can bog down with lots of big photos or artwork that take time to load. However, it is best not to err in the opposite direction. A church site with no photos or other artwork, misses an opportunity to give website visitors an idea of what the life and worship of the congregation are like. Large blocks of text will not usually be read. Here's a page with good information on writing for the web.

Photos of an empty building
While we might theologically agree that the church is the people rather than the building, many church website photo consist only of pictures of the building without people. A website is a great opportunity to show a vibrant parish life.

Online tools for checking your web pages Screen Size Tester
Have you ever been to a Web site and not been able to scroll to the bottom of the page? Usiung this Screen Size Tester, you can test your Web pages in different screen resolutions to see what your visitors will see.

Doctor HTML
Select "Single Page," and the free service will analyze your Web page based on document structure, image syntax, table analysis, browser support, verify hyperlinks, and much more.

Dr. Watson
This free web tool will check your web page for bad links, poor html syntax, search engine compatibility and more.

GifBot by NetMechanic
GifBot compresses your GIF, JPEG, and even animated GIF images—decreasing file size without sacrificing the quality of the image. This toll can get your pages loading faster.

Marketleap Search Engine Marketing Tools
This site offers three great tools for checking out your website. They are the Link Popularity-Check, which allows you to enter your URL and up to three comparison URLs, and the site will let you know what your link popularity is in AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google, Inktomi, and MSN. The Search Engine Saturation tool determines how many pages a given search engine has in its index for your Web site. Finally, the Keyword Verification Tool checks to see if your page is in the top three pages of a search engine's results for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.

Search Engine Optimization Tools
Using the Search Engine Spider Simulator, you'll see what a a search engine's spider would see when it visits your page. There are some other helpful pieces of web design advice at this site.
If you want to delve into the technical side of creating web pages, this is a great place to begin. There is a lot of good information here and they've got links to more. For example, when your page is done, you can check whether you have all your html code correct at the W3C html validator.

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